photo of story time at JIFC VBSYesterday, a group of twenty children embarked on a journey in search of Treasure Island at Journey’s Vacation Bible School. Between creating their own treasure maps, playing dress like a pirate relays, and learning how to talk like a pirate, the kids were guided through an exploration of what it means to treasure something. They learned that treasure is a collection of precious things and were encouraged to reflect on what they consider precious in their own lives. 

The theme verse for the week is, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” The intent is to help the kids understand that treasuring the things God wants us to treasure – like our families, the needs of others, and God’s creation – is the best way for us to live. Through stories of Bible characters who struggled with the very question of what they should treasure (like Esther and Jonah) and songs about ways we can love and serve God, the kids will be exposed to ideas about what it really means to treasure the things God wants us to treasure.

As part of helping the kids learn to treasure the needs of others, we will be exploring each night a little bit about Haiti (a major pirate center back in the day). They will learn what life is like for children in Haiti and hear a story about a young Haitian boy who does his best to show love to his little sister. As part of this focus on Haiti, the kids were encouraged to be reverse pirates and share their treasure with children in Haiti. Each night of VBS a collection will be taken for the Journey Haiti Mission team to use to build a school in Haiti. 

As adults at Journey, we often share how hard it is to live a life that follows earnestly after God. Treasuring the needs of others or God’s beautiful creation can be difficult. Too often our selfish desires guide our hearts instead. This VBS wants to serve the kids of Journey by helping them start living at a young age a life that cares for others and that treasures what God wants them to treasure. At the same time, it will convey to them that even when we treasure the wrong things, God still completely loves us. 

So it is with this precious task of well serving Journey’s children that we’ve set sail this week on our quest for Treasure Island… 

photo of VBS

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