line drawing of Toto from The Wizard of OzJourney IFC is an organization with many moving parts. The Bones Ministry fulfills the operational needs of our faith community across all areas of Journey. Teams that are a part of the Bones of Journey are those which help behind the scenes, including the Finance Team, the Communications Team, the Human Resources Team, the Stuff Team, and more. You are wanted for this work. You don't have to have any expertise or credentials; bring your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and God will do great things with it.

One of the most important – and under appreciated – aspects of helping a faith community be faithful and communal, is the nuts and bolts, the things very few people see. But the book of Acts, which tells the stories of Jesus’ earliest followers, makes it clear that there were groups of people who served within the faith community. They handled the logistics, the travel arrangements, the distribution of food and resources to those in need, and the serving of meals and care for the sick. Those women and men became spiritual giants. Their work was crucial to their communities and they grew because of their commitment to it. They had to – nothing sharpens the soul like serving others, especially behind the scenes. Jesus said that the most important role in following him was to serve others. You'll find healing through the challenges and beauty of helping Journey happen.


“In order to become great, you must become a servant.” – Jesus 


Speaking of Journey: The Communications Team

This team manages the many ways in which Journey communicates internally and externally, including: our website; our community blog, Refractions; a weekly e-mail newsletter to the entire faith community; Journey’s social media, including Facebook and Twitter; publicity, such as flyers, posters, mailings, newspaper ads, and communicating with the media; sharing Journey’s story and presence with Austin in creative ways; and sharing Journey’s presence and gifts with other faith communities and organizations in Austin and beyond to create connections and partnerships.

If you want the chance to express your own voice and to listen for God in the Communications Team, e-mail to contact Stacie Baldwin and leaders of the Communications Team. You don't have to have P.R. or advertising or computer or network expertise – just be willing to help and dream, and we’ll figure out how to work with folks with the skills!


Passing the Basket: The Finance Team

photo of offering basketThe Finance Team handles Journey’s money and giving in many ways, including: counting money and checks from each week’s offerings in worship; helping the Shepherds’ Treasurer keep track of giving and income budgets, and other questions regarding how Journey manages its income; helping with special Finance Team jobs, such as stuffing envelopes for mailing out giving statements twice a year, or helping with other seasonal Finance Team needs; creating and/or facilitating fundraisers and income opportunities such as Silent Auctions, Garage Sales, Benefit Concerts, etc.; and praying, dreaming, and thinking with other Journeyers about how best to live out Journey’s Theology of Money and Giving in practical ways in our faith community together.

If you want the opportunity to practice healthy attitudes toward money -- how to raise it and how to spend it -- by trusting God and working with the Finance Team, e-mail to contact Stacie Baldwin and leaders of the Bones Ministry who coordinate and support the Finance Team. You don’t have to know anything about money, finances, fundraising or anything else – this is for folks who are committed to helping Journey live out its theology of money and giving in meaningful ways.


People Who Need People: The Human Resources Team

Our Human Resources Team supports our staff by celebrating their birthdays and special occasions, by being part of a circle of trusted people who look after our staff’s ongoing emotional and spiritual needs and health, and by meeting monthly for an hour or so, plus participating in e-mails, working on staff policies and procedures, insurance questions, employee handbooks and employee evaluations.

If you want the opportunity to develop your capacity to love and be loved by working with the Human Resources Team to provide loving support to our most valuable asset -- our people, e-mail to contact Stacie Baldwin and leaders of the Bones Ministry who coordinate and support the Human Resources Team. You don't have to know anything about H.R. policies and procedures, salary schedules or insurance – your staff just needs love and support. Come and give your gift!


Bones Ministry Leaders

Bones Leaders:

Assistant Chairs: Renee Trepagnier and Robert Dugan 

Chair: Susan Corbin

Assistant Shepherd: John Corbin

Ministry Shepherd: Margaret Zimmerman

Shepherd At-Large: Julie Potts



To learn more about all of Journey's ministry areas, take a look at the Journey Owner's Manual, a guide to everything you ever wanted to know about Journey but didn't know you wanted to ask. Sort of.