Find out about the incredible artists, performers, and other creative folk within Journey and its extended family and what they are doing.

Beth Wood


Beth is a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter from Arlington, Texas.  

  • Winner - 2006 Sisters Folk Festival Songwriting Contest
  • Winner - 2005 Kerrville New Folk Contest
  • Winner - 2nd Place - 2005 Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Songwriters Contest
  • Winner - 2004 Wildflower Festival Songwriters Contest.

Beth has performed at Journey several times both within services and at special concert events. 

The Daylights


Renee French-Crim


Journey's very own worship leader and talented singer, songwriter and musician

Brent Palmer


Tom Kimmel


Tom Kimmel's music, poetry and stories invite his listeners toward a sweet introspection, making for a curious depth of feeling that often surprises them.

Raised in the Episcopal Church in the heart of the Deep South, Tom fell in love with his mother's hymns along with her Elvis and Nat King Cole records. Stirred as a child by his family's love for Christ, he has incorporated in his own devotional practice the yoga and meditation of Eastern traditions.

"One of my strongest feelings," Tom says, "is that there must be room within all healthy spiritual systems for dialogue and divergent points of view. My own religious practice is alive for me because it's fluid and open to an ongoing reformation. That's what enables me to heal as a spirit-centered human being and to evolve as an artist. It's what enables me to share what's essential to me, and also to participate responsibly in my family and community."

Having first sung in public as a boy in the church choir, Tom now finds himself coming full circle, performing frequently as a guest artist in church services and community concerts around the country. A soulful writer and singer, Tom also speaks eloquently of love and awareness, relationship, and devotion, often from a humorous perspective.

While dozens of his songs have been recorded over the years by artists from Johnny Cash to Joe Cocker, his own albums and live performances have increasingly elicited expressions of appreciation for hearts touched and lives changed.

Grace Pettis


Grace is a young folk singer/songwriter from rural Alabama, now living, writing and performing in Virginia. She is the daughter of Pierce Pettis, a much beloved folk artist.  Grace has won a number of songwriting competitions, which includes being the 2011 Kerrville New Fok winner.  Grace is a regular Journeyer who has also blessed Journey by performing several times at our services; as well as in special concert events.

Wendy Colonna


Wendy Colonna may live and work in Austin these days, but one listen to her soulful vocals and her south Louisiana roots are obvious. Colonna grew up in Lake Charles and her music is a spicy, stick-to-your-ribs, Gulf Coast gumbo of soul and blues and funk.

Pierce Pettis


Pierce Pettis, adored by both critics and public alike, is one of this generation's most masterful songwriters. His music is distinguished by his uncanny ability to capture universals in human experience by drawing on the humor and trials in daily life. Pettis' music can simultaneously pull on our hearts and keep us laughing. The beautiful harmonies, inventive yet subtle percussion, strong guitar, and Pierce's rich vocals are a constant throughout his body of work.

Dave Madden


“By God for our actions, by numbers for music’s sound, by physics for matter’s motion, by something everything is bound…”

These are lyrics from Dave Madden’s debut full-length album, “Anything Goes.”  After rigorously touring the country as a multi-instrumental singer/ songwriter for 2 years, Dave now has a 4-piece alt. rock band revealing the true integrity of his artistry.


Proven by his music and lyrics, Dave Madden is an intellectual with a passion for love, life, and truth. His sound has the sensitivity and raw energy of Jeff Buckley, tastefully blended with the power of a Switchfoot rock-anthem. Having lived in Philadelphia, Boston, and New York City for the majority of his life, Dave’s roots are firmly planted in the Northeast. Needing a change of pace and scenery, he moved toAustin, TX in late 2004. Since then, not only has he gained a loyal fan base in Texas, but he has been able to sustain his development in the Northeast.

Carrie Newcomer


For singer/songwriter Carrie Newcomer, beauty is discovered in the midst of the ordinary. Life is experienced in the spaces between darkness and light. Truth is found in the bond between music and word.

"I love Carrie Newcomer. She writes and sings about what is most personal to her and in doing so she speaks to the wider world. Her new cd, “The Geography of Light” is full of gorgeous arrangements that frame her soulful vocals, and the song “Geodes” will make you catch your breath with its wisdom and beauty..."

— Mary Chapin Carpenter

Michael Lille


An acclaimed singer, songwriter and guitarist, Michael Lille is also an outdoorsman, world traveler, whitewater kayaker and motorcycle enthusiast, having lived and worked in exotic locales such as New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Nepal and Bhutan. In 2008 Michael moved to Austin, Texas where he continues to work for ELIXIR Strings, lives in a thriving musical community and is slowly adjusting to the heat!

Sara Hickman


Singer, songwriter and activist, Sara Hickman writes music for adults and kids. She graciously performed for Journey at our 5th Anniversary picnic in July 2009. Sara is an active supporter of work on behalf of children's rights. Learn more at her website.

Nathan Brown


Nathan Brown is an award-winning poet/singer/photographer/English professor from Norman, Oklahoma.  Nathan has joined us a number of times to share his poetry, his music, and his images.

Janettee Henderson

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