Why is it called "imperfect" faith? 

First, because "perfect" implies that there is some set of rules about faith that, when followed, make us "right" and without room for improvement.  Not true.  Second, because having perfect faith is impossible - only Jesus loved and had faith in God perfectly.  Third, because God accepts us right  where we stand, bruises, lumps, foibles and all.  

We believe it's bad for the soul to try to be perfect.  And dishonest to pretend that we have it all together when none of us do.  We embrace our imperfections and encourage each other to grow to be more loving and healthy and whole.  We encourage every person to embrace all of who she/he is. All the struggles and all the joys. We believe that God is Love, and that all persons are God's beloved.  So, we don't judge people on how "good" they are. We don't evaluate each other on how "Christian" we are. We don't see Jesus doing that with the people he interacted with - except as he criticized those who judged and condemned the outcasts. 

Why is it a "faith community" instead of a "church"?

We are not implying that there is anything wrong with being a church. The problem we see is that the word "church" is so often associated with organized, institutional religion - and for many people, many Journeyers included, religion is often heavy-handed and system-based rather than love and acceptance-based - focusing on individuals and their relationship with God and other people. 

We believe that we are called to be a community - people who gather to support each other as we love God, love ourselves, and love other people. 

Why is it called "Journey"?

The word "journey" suggests to us that life is not about reaching a destination or being done, finished, fixed. Rather, life is about learning, growing, continuing to find out who we are and who God is. It's ongoing. It never ends.  Therefore, we see our meetings on Sundays as kind of a filling station for the rest of our lives, where we learn and get fed.  The rest of our lives is actually the Journey.  How we live out what we learn.  To us, it's not about a "church service" on Sunday as an end in itself.  It just prepares us for everything else on the Journey.

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