What can I as a visitor expect?

Journeyers are very loving and very honest about their own struggles and questions. Journeyers accept all people and embrace that each person is God's beloved. Journey feels, therefore, very informal.

We don't make visitors wear special tags that say they aren't "members" yet. We don't have any distinction about what a "member" of Journey is. We all belong. You belong as soon as you walk in the door.

We do hug a lot. We talk to each other. We won't intrude on your life - but we will invite you into the life of this faith community. We want to love you and we want to help you, and have you help us, learn to love.

Walk in. We will welcome you. We have groups and classes for children, teenagers, college and young adults, and grownups. We also have a worship gathering every Sunday morning.

Our teacher/ leader/ facilitators are relaxed and welcoming. They will talk about things that pertain to real life. Everyone is welcome to ask any questions, make any comments. There are no right answers; no one will judge you, no matter what you bring. If someone shares something personal, or vulnerable, we listen and love them. That may feel a little uncomfortable for you at first; don't worry. You'll feel at home soon.

We like to eat, and there'll be food and coffee and juice.

We want you to fill in a form that lets us know you were here. If you want more information about how to be involved in Journey's vision and activities, we'll send you one. But you don't have to.

Pick out a Rock

How do I join Journey?

We don't have "members" at Journey. If you wish to let us know that you are committed to being a part of the life of this faith community, then you will:

  • fill out a form that's in a notebook we pass around, and turn it in

  • write your name on a rock, which are on the welcome table in the Living Room (our big room), and bring it up to the cross any time you want - during worship, at offering time, before or after worship.

  • you'll receive a packet of information about what you're part of.