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Jesus said, "Love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength." We organize Journey according to the four aspects of our being that Jesus mentions in our guiding passage from the Bible, adding a fifth in support of these others. They are: 



The Heart Ministry fulfills the needs of the organization for fellowship and sharing. This includes the Unity Team, Greeter Team, Pastoral Care, Picnics, Fred Groups, Hospital Team, Trunk or Treat, Koinonia, and the JourneyMen.

Everyone desires to belong and to matter. Our community provides love, acceptance, forgiveness, and healing to one another and to those we encounter. We spend time together and support each other We strive to know each other and to see God in each other. We continue to learn how to be more loving and more caring. You are encouraged to build connections with other people at Journey and beyond. You are included and important to us.

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The Soul Ministry is responsible for creating worship at Journey IFC. Their goal is to create meaningful and spirit-filled environments for our faith community. The Soul Train includes these teams: music, audio/visual, set-up, communion, drama, special services and greeters. Team leaders will receive direction from Rick, David and Leslie about each worship service.

Our first priority and joy is to love and know God. We experience God through Prayer, Contemplation, Worship, Silence. We help each other do this in peace and safety. We participate in prayer and worship in traditional and not-so-traditional ways that stretch us and help us to grow. We become better people by knowing God. You are invited into meaningful interactions with God's Spirit. We'll help you do that.

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The Mind Ministry fulfills the needs of the organization for learning and equipping. This includes Youth Group, Children's Sunday School, Adult Bible Studies, Nursery care, Vacation Bible School, Journeyer-led book studies, Advent Lunches, and Lent Lunches.

In order to love and serve God and other people better, we must learn new things about how to be healthy and how to serve. Jesus called this "making disciples." We study and grow together, with openness and without judging others. We do not believe everyone has to agree about all things; we focus rather on the calling of God in our community. We question and think and listen. We study the Bible, talk about our lives and struggles, and learn about relationships and spiritual life together. You are encouraged to explore and expand your faith in following Jesus. We'll grow and learn with you.

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The Strength Ministry fulfills the needs of the organization for serving in and beyond Journey. This may include, but not be limited to Mobile Loaves and Fishes, Truth Be Told, AISD Project HELP, Habitat for Humanity, New Life for Haiti, Austin Baptist Chapel, and Mission Trips.

Jesus' measure of a person's spiritual health is in the way that person serves others. We gather our resources to serve the poor and poor in spirit, especially to those beyond our faith community. Our abilities, Our time, Our money, Our desire. You are invited to give your gifts to God. We will encourage and help you to serve with us.

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Journey IFC is an organization with many moving parts. The Bones Ministry fulfills the operational needs of our faith community across all areas of Journey. Teams that are a part of the Bones of Journey are those which help behind the scenes, including the Finance Team, the Communications Team, the Human Resources Team, the Stuff Team, and more. You are wanted for this work. You don't have to have any expertise or credentials; bring your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and God will do great things with it.

One of the most important – and under appreciated – aspects of helping a faith community be faithful and communal, is the nuts and bolts, the things very few people see. But the book of Acts, which tells the stories of Jesus’ earliest followers, makes it clear that there were groups of people who served within the faith community. They handled the logistics, the travel arrangements, the distribution of food and resources to those in need, and the serving of meals and care for the sick. Those women and men became spiritual giants. Their work was crucial to their communities and they grew because of their commitment to it. They had to – nothing sharpens the soul like serving others, especially behind the scenes. Jesus said that the most important role in following him was to serve others. You'll find healing through the challenges and beauty of helping Journey happen.

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To learn more about all of Journey's ministry areas, take a look at the Journey Owner's Manual, a guide to everything you ever wanted to know about Journey but didn't know you wanted to ask. Sort of. For all the official stuff, including specifics about Journey's structure and ministries, check out the Journey By-Laws, a surprisingly good read.

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