What Time Is It? T-Shirt Time!

Pay What You Choose/Wish/Can/Want/Value

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What time is it? T-shirt time! NOW is the time to order your very own 15th anniversary Journey shirt! The deadline to place your order is Monday, April 29. You must order in advance (and pay as well, if possible) in order to get your awesome shirt. We're serious about this deadline, so order NOW. 

This year's "What Time Is It? Now" design features original artwork by Journeyer Amber Perry on a charcoal colored, super soft, lightweight t-shirt. A full range of sizes is available in men's and women's styles. We will have the shirts available for pick up on Sunday May 19 at the anniversary picnic.

We are not setting a specific price for the shirts. Instead, we are using a "pay what you choose/wish/can/want/value" system. The shirts cost Journey $10 each ($12 for 2XL and 3XL) but you are invited to pay an amount you choose. If money is a little tight and you can only pay $5, that's okay. If you're feeling flush and want to kick in a little — or a lot — extra, that's cool, too. All money collected beyond our production costs will go to support Journey as we do our best to be God's Hands in the world. 

There are 2 ways to place your order:

  1. E-mail the Head T-Shirt Wrangler with your name, desired quantity, and sizes
  2. Sign up on the Journey T-Shirt order page

You can pay for your order by cash, check, or credit card in person on Sunday morning when you pick up your shirt. If you use the online order form, you also have the option of paying right there on the form with PayPal or a credit card. Many thanks to everyone who has paid in advance.


Journey's cost is $10 each ($12 each for 2XL or 3XL) but you are invited to pay what you choose. All money collected beyond the cost of the shirt will help support Journey.

Sizes: Youth S, M, L, XL; Adult Men's XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL; Women's XS, S, M, L, XL

To order your shirt, e-mail the Head T-Shirt Wrangler with your sizes and quantities or sign up on the t-shirt order page

Don't miss out! Order now!

This year, they will be printed on a Dark Chocolate 100% cotton shirt.
There will be artwork on the front, and then a quote by Mr. Rogers on the back.
The shirts will come in Youth sizes (S-XL), and Adult sizes (S-XXXL).
The cost will be $8.00 each 
 ($10.00 for XXL & XXXL)
Place your order TODAY! 
We need to have the order to the printers by this TUESDAY, JULY 2nd.
To order your shirt, email Leslie at leslie@journeyifc.com
You may pick up your shirt at the Journey Picnic on Sunday, July 14th.  You may pay for it at that time as well.
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Easter Vigil

Begins at 8 pm on Maundy Thursday, April 18, 2019

photo of a group of candles

You are invited to be part of Journey's annual Easter Prayer Vigil. From 8 pm on Maundy Thursday, April 18th, unitl 7 am on Holy Saturday morning, the entire JIFC building will be transformed into a prayer space. There will be a theme that will connect all your senses and spirit. (Previous themes include The Secret Garden complete with grass sod and a pond; a Prayer Path of forgiveness; a Journey-esque Stations of the Cross; a glow-in-the-dark labyrinth; and many others.) You get your own private time in the space, to pray, reflect, journal, do whatever of the Vigil's activities you wish. If you have participated before, you know how powerful each year's Vigil space is; if you haven't, simply open yourself to a profound experience of peace, interaction reflection, and connection to Spirit.

Sign up soon — spaces fill up fast! Follow the link below for the online sign up sheet. You don't have to create an account to use it. If you need help, see a Tech Support Journeyer at the A/V booth on Sunday morning or email the Mistress of Communications.

There are two different things to sign up for: Participant and Sentinel. Being in the space as a Particpant is a gift to your soul; serving as a Sentinel is a gift to others.

Sign up as a Participant when you are ready to take your turn in the vigil space. Slots are 30 minutes long, but you can sign up for more than one if you'd like more time. Don’t cheat yourself — most Participants say that an hour isn't long enough to get truly still and centered.

We also need folks to help others have a vigil experience. If you want to serve in this way, sign up to be a Sentinel. The Sentinel helps to check in Participants, answers questions, and holds the sacred space for the Participants. If you want to sign up as a Sentinel, make sure to sign up for any number of consecutive Sentinel slots to cover your preferred time choice. It's not a difficult job, and we'll give you all the information that you need.

This prayer space is very powerful every year. Pray, listen, journal, read, reflect, be silent. This is your time to connect with God and the light of Christ.

The Vigil lasts 35 hours straight. We need many people to serve, especially as Sentinels, so that Participants’ time in the space will be safely watched over. There’s a signup sheet online. First signed up, first scheduled. NB: In previous years, the Vigil has gone from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning. This year, because we are sharing our space with another faith community, it will be from Thursday evening to Saturday morning.

Come join in this powerful time of reflection and spirit work.

To participate or to watch over the space while others participate, please sign up for the vigil online here:

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If you want to sign up in person, see a Tech Support Journeyer at the A/V booth on Sunday morning.

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Journey Contribution Cards

JIFC contribution cardHave you ever felt left out at offering time because you give online, and you're not quite sure what to do when the baskets go by? Or maybe you write a check at the beginning of the month and wonder what to do those other Sundays of the month? Do you give your time rather than money? Well, your Bones Ministry feels your pain. We've come up with some simple Journey Giving Cards, available on the back tables, to help you during offering. Just pick one up on your way in and later drop it in the basket. It allows you to actively participate in offering and to demonstrate your commitment to Journey. And the Journey Giving cards are for everyone! Sometimes folks have nothing to offer but prayers and good wishes, so use the Journey Giving Cards for that purpose, too. It's all about being present, being intentional, and being part of giving to and sustaining our faith community. Every contribution — of whatever sort — counts!

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