Journey, our wonderful, quirky, independent faith community, has been around for over ten years now. During that time our total financial need (including building renovations, community outreach, and ongoing operational expenses) has been fulfilled almost to the penny. God apparently has seen fit for us to receive just about what we need (actually, 99.5% of what we need), and we have experienced the lesson of 'just enough' over and over again. If we have received what we need, then why do we talk about mounting debt and unpaid bills so much? The answer is in our giving patterns, which tend to be very uneven. Normal ongoing giving to support our operating expenses tends to lag behind the need, but eventually when a sense of crisis or urgency is felt, or when we ask extra hard, our church family responds.

The reason for bringing this up is to invite you to think about how you might smooth out your financial commitment to Journey. One tool that is available to help do this is our online giving portal. It was implemented with the specific intention of smoothing our income stream. It supports a very simple setup of a recurring donation to Journey, a kind of "set it and forget it" offering basket. Ongoing commitment from every Journeyer is the key to financial stability for Journey.


Try It Now 

Access online giving through the Journey Realm online community

Online Giving using  Realm 

To make a donation:

First you need to create an account so you can log in. To do that:

  1. You should receive an email soon from Realm initiated by Stacie with the subject “Join your church family.” Simply click on the link in the email where it says “Just click here”
  2. A browser window will open and you need to create a password and then type it again to confirm the password
  3. You will then receive an email asking you to complete your Realm registration. Click on the link in the email which will open a new browser window
  4. Log in to Realm using your newly created password
  5. It will then ask you to verify the month and day of your birthday

You are now in your account!

After creating a Realm login, follow these steps to set up a donation:

  1. Log on to Realm at using your new login information to make a one-time donation or to create a recurring giving schedule
  2. Click on the “Giving" tab from the “My Profile” page, and then on the “+Give" tab
  3. Enter the amount you want to give, then select the fund you want to give to. To give to more than one fund at once, click on "+Give to an additional fund"
  4. Select a frequency of "One Time" or a “Recurring” choice, which requires additional date information
  5. Click on "Add New Payment Method" and enter your payment information
  6. If you click "Save for Future Use," you won't be asked to re-enter your info the next time
  7. Click the “Give" button
  8. Sign out of Realm

Feel free to e-mail Stacie at if you have any questions. Thank you!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is online giving all about?

Online giving is a tool for every Journeyer to use to simplify the giving process, a one-stop portal where you can register and then make one-time or recurring donations. All you need is a valid debit card, credit card, or checking account to get started.

How do I get started?

Register with Realm starting here.

What are the giving options?

You can give by credit card or e-check from an existing checking account. We prefer you give by e-check because the fee structure is much less expensive to Journey than a credit card donation.

Is there a minimum amount I must give?

No, that is between you and God, and any amount is welcome.

How do I change or cancel a recurring gift? Contact for assistance.

How secure is my data?

Our software provider is ACS Technologies, the largest developer of church management software in the industry. Your account information is not stored at Journey, but rather in a secure data center that meets the highest standards of encryption and data security.

Will I still receive contribution statements from Journey?

Yes, you will continue to receive contribution statements that include online gifts.

What is Journey's theology of money and giving?

Giving money away makes people healthier. It unplugs them from the matrices of our culture - spending time and energy on acquiring more stuff, assigning personal value based on wealth and position, and believing that security comes from possessions or earnings.

Giving money away also helps us all remember Who owns the house. We believe that everything comes from God. Our culture can be very egocentric and materialistic. Jesus taught very clearly against self-absorption and attachment to things and plans. And, giving money away helps us keep perspective. Do I really need another TV? There are people in this world, in Austin, without a home and without food. There are people whose spirits and hearts are broken. We believe that when we care for anyone whom God puts in front of us, God will provide for every need. Jesus’ people care for those in need.

All of this takes sacrifice. Letting go. It can be very scary and challenging. But Jesus said that if we cling to our lives we will lose them; if we give our lives away, we find what we were searching for.

So, give it away. Give it away to the things God is doing.

One of the things God is doing is to heal the world through Journey Imperfect Faith Community. Journey uses money in order to:

  • provide the space for Journey worship and group gatherings; 
  • pay our staff so that they can devote their full time and energy to helping us all fulfill the vision of this faith community; 
  • provide funds to our Strength team, to give to others. 

From our beginning, Journey has always given 10% of its income to our Strength team, which finds ways for all of us to give food, clothing, and shelter to those in need.

No pastor at Journey knows who gives what money. This enables our pastors to relate to us regardless of the way the world defines people.

Journey does not tell you how much to give. In the Bible some guidelines say to give God 10% of our income, as a way to remind ourselves that nothing belongs to us, and to honor what is most important. But the point isn't the amount; the point is, it belongs to God in the first place. Jesus said to give everything to God and to the Kingdom of God, and everything we need will be given to us. Journey doesn’t make plans based on how much money we have or don't have; Journeyers show up and do what God tells us to do. Miracles happen. Be part of that.

Other ways to Support Journey

Journey on Amazon Smile

Journey is listed with Amazon Smile. A percentage of the cost of eligible purchases will go to JIFC. Start your shopping on the Amazon Smile page to ensure your donations go to Journey. It all adds up!

Visit the Journey Amazon store at

Journey Logo Store

This online store sells items with the Journey logo embroidered on them. Journey receives a portion of each sale.

Visit the Journey IFC store at

Giving by Text

Got a smart phone? You can support Journey by text. No more fumbling for cash or a blank check during offering time, or maybe you like to give by credit or debit card, but that's hard to do as the baskets go by. Well, it's easy to do now. Just follow the 3 simple steps:

1. Text "Journey" to 73256

2. Enter your donation amount and select a fund (general fund, operations, etc.)

3. Enter your payment info (just the first time) and click "Give"

To learn more, contact

Support Journey via Automatic Bill Pay

Do you pay your bills using your bank's online Bill Pay service? Add Journey to your list! You can easily set up your bank's Bill Pay system to send your financial support to Journey without having to write a check. To learn more, contact

Use Your Randall's Card

We have a Journey account at Randall’s! The next time you're grocery shopping, go to the customer service desk and link your Randall’s card to our account. Journey gets 1% of your total purchases at no extra cost to you. This includes pharmacy and prescription purchases, too! Our Randall’s account number is 12804.