line drawing of Dorothy from the Wizard of OzThe Soul Ministry fulfills the needs of our faith community for worship and prayer. Our goal is to create meaningful and spirit-filled environments for connecting to the Divine. The Soul Ministry includes teams for music, slides, design, communion, greeters, and more. Team leaders receive direction from our pastors and worship leaders about each service.

Our first priority and joy is to love and know God. We experience God through prayer, contemplation, worship, silence. We help each other do this in peace and safety. We participate in prayer and worship in traditional and not-so-traditional ways that stretch us and help us to grow. We become better people by knowing God. The Soul Ministry helps provide gatherings and opportunities for connecting to God. You are invited into meaningful interactions with God's Spirit. We'll help you do that. Bring who you are.


All Aboard the Soul Train

If you would like to help the Soul Ministry serve Journey by greeting people as they're entering the worship space, helping to design our worship space to set the stage for our worship gatherings, creating and running slideshows and videos during worship, setting up microphones and running the sound board, helping our preschool children grow in following Jesus by leading Worship Care, or serving Communion, please e-mail You won't have to do any job every week! We take turns. 


The Communion Team

drawing of Journey's oil lampJourney's Communion Team includes men and women of a wide range of ages who serve Holy Communion on a rotating basis, usually on the first Sunday of the month. Often there are several stations where team members serve in pairs. One holds the chalice and the other the bread. Those present at the worship service are invited by one of our pastors to come to a station and partake. At other times, the bread may include various kinds of crackers and breads which the participants served themselves along with pouring their own juice from one of the many different kinds of pitchers into one of the unique cups on the Communion table. A Communion Team member also goes into the classrooms to replace the Sunday School teachers so that they can come to the Lord's Supper. Reflecting life's creative journey, each Communion can be different. With thanks to our Lord, it is always sacred.


The Sound of Journey: The A/V Teams

The Journey Music Team provides worshippers with the opportunity to connect with God through music. They plan, rehearse, and lead the musical expression portions of worship on Sunday mornings. This team, led by Renee French, includes singers, musicians, and sound system volunteers. Sometimes we are privileged to have guest musicians share their gifts with us during worship service. We are also blessed with a group of talented and dedicated folks who provide audio/visual support for the worship services and other Journey events. They run the sound board for the musicians and speakers, prepare and present slideshows for use both before and during worship, record events for electronic distribution, and play with all kinds of fun, geeky stuff. Journey wouldn't be the same without them!


Soul Ministry Leaders  

Soul Leaders:

Assistant Chair: Nathalie Sorrell 

Chair: Paula Gilbert

Assistant Shepherd: Ann Locasio

Ministry Shepherd: Abby Nik

Shepherd At-Large: Diana Dworin



To learn more about all of Journey's ministry areas, take a look at the Journey Owner's Manual, a guide to everything you ever wanted to know about Journey but didn't know you wanted to ask. Sort of.