JESUS, a.k.a. "Elder Brother"

Too dazzling to be seen ...Journey's reason to exist is to serve God in the world. The person who exemplifies that for us is Jesus. Jesus was a Jewish teacher, healer, prophet, leader, and mystic. Jesus lived 2,000 years ago. He was executed because of his willingness to challenge all the corrupt and broken systems in his world. He did this because he had experienced the power of the presence of God. St. Paul, one of the leaders in the early Church, wrote this: "It's in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for" (Ephesians 1:11, The Message). We follow Jesus. He is a picture of God for us. 

RICK DIAMOND a.k.a. "Flash"

Rick Diamond is the tallest pastor at Journey I.F.C. He teaches, preaches, leads the staff, and supports the Mind ministry, Soul ministry, and overall leadership and ministries. He is married to Leslie, and is the dad of Alex and Caitlin. He's from Texas, went to Baylor University, Perkins Theological Seminary, and Drew University. He has been a minister for twenty years and was an English teacher for ten years before that. He writes and draws and likes to fish. He pulls on his hair when he's talking.

DAVID HACKENBRACHT - a.k.a. "Einstein"

David is the newest addition to the Journey staff. He leads the youth program, helps with worship, and tries to make himself available whenever help is needed. He is a recent graduate of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, where he got his Master of Arts in Ministry Practice. David’s family lives in the D/FW area. Currently, David is also working part time at Austin Community College, where he tutors math.


STACIE BALDWIN - a.k.a. "Radar"

Stacie Baldwin is the administrative genius at Journey I.F.C. She coordinates calendars, finances, scheduling, information, and technology. Stacie is married to Ryan, and is the mom of Emma, Joshua, and Matt. Stacie was born in Illinois but got to Texas as fast as she could! She attended the University of Texas and has a Master's Degree in Deaf Education. She's been in ministry for fifteen years. She loves being a wife and mom, loves UT, and loves helping people. She can think of what you're needing before you even think it.

VICKI HULL - a.k.a. "MacGyver"

Vicki Hull is Coordinator of Children, Youth and Serving Ministries. She coordinates curriculum and volunteers for the Children’s ministry, supports the Youth ministry, supports the Heart, Mind, Soul, Strength and Bones Ministry areas and connects with Journeyers to help them find their niches and plug into Journey. She is married to David, and is the mom of Kate and Emily. Vicki is from Texas, attended the University of Texas at Austin and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. Before joining the Journey staff, she was an active volunteer in churches for 19 years. She loves spending time with her family, reading, gardening and learning how to survive in the wilderness if stranded with no water or supplies. 

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LESLIE DIAMOND a.k.a. "Co-Founder Emeritus" 

Leslie Diamond is one of the founders of Journey I.F.C. She left Journey's employment in Oct. 2016, but was and is an important voice in maintaining Journey's clarity of vision. Leslie is from Texas, and went to Baylor University. She has been involved in ministries and nonprofits for over twenty years. She loves South Congress stores and belts made of car parts, C. S. Lewis, and fighting for what is right. She is not one of those sweet church ladies.

In Memoriam, DAVID GENTILES a.k.a. "The Man"

David Gentiles was the pastor who made the best gumbo at Journey I.F.C. He taught, preached, and supported the Journey community, particularly within the Soul, Strength, and Mind ministries, in Student ministries and Children's ministries.  David Gentiles was a pastor at Journey IFC from 2005 until his untimely passing in 2009.  We remember his infectious laughter and his ready tears with equal fondness. David was the very proud dad of Ariele, Hannah and Calla. He was born and grew up in Louisiana and was a proud alumnus of  Baylor University. He was a minister, mostly in Texas, for more than twenty years. He loved cool music and great writers, sang and played guitar, and loved baseball.
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