line drawing of Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of OzThe Strength Ministry fulfills the needs of our faith community for serving in and beyond Journey. With our time and energy and money, we support several charitable organizations, including Mobile Loaves and FishesTruth Be ToldNew Life for Haiti, Hope Positive Africa, and others. The Strength Ministry also organizes missions trips and provides emergency funds for those in need.

Jesus' measure of a person's spiritual health is in the way that person serves others. We gather our resources -- our abilities, our time, our money, our desire -- to serve the poor and poor in spirit, especially those beyond our faith community. The Strength Ministry helps us all in serving God by serving others in and beyond Journey. You are invited to give your gifts to God by giving your gifts to the world. You don't have to be able to do anything amazing; just bring yourself, and let go. We will encourage and help you to serve with us.


Mobile Loaves and Fishes logo

Mobile Loaves & Fishes

Mobile Loaves & Fishes, Inc. (MLF) is a social outreach ministry for the homeless founded in 1998 as a ministry of St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Austin, Texas providing food and clothing to the homeless and indigent working poor. Their website includes statistics, information on how to get involved, and newsletters.

Journeyers make a MLF run in South Austin on the 3rd Saturday of the month, meeting at St. John Neumann Catholic Church (ML&F Commissary) at 5455 Bee Cave Road. To volunteer with us, and for more information about our MLF runs, just contact the Strength Ministry.


line drawing of soup kitchen building Angel House Soup Kitchen

A ministry of the Austin Baptist Chapel, the Soup Kitchen serves the poor who suffer from the lack of basic human needs: material needs, such as food, clothing, and household necessities; psychological needs, such as motivation, self-esteem, and rehabilitation; and social needs, such as support systems and meaningful relationships.

Journeyers volunteer at ABC on the first and second Saturday mornings of the month. E-mail the Strength Ministry leaders if you'd like to get involved. 


Truth Be Told logoTruth Be Told

Truth Be Told is a non-profit service organization providing transformational tools for women behind and beyond bars. Their programs provide respectful listening and creative tools for personal and spiritual growth for incarcerated women, encouraging in them a deeper sense of personal responsibility and helping them face the truth of their pasts and embrace the hope of their futures.


Austin Sanctuary logo text surrounded by colorful, rough circleAustin Sanctuary Network

The Austin Sanctuary Network (ASN) is “a place where love and protection are living realities.” It is an Austin-based coalition of faith communities and others, who support immigrants fleeing violence or in danger of deportation. With “bold compassion and courageous love,” ASN stands in solidarity and inclusive community with our undocumented sisters and brothers who are being held unjustly and being denied asylum.


Austin Interfaith logo

Austin Interfaith

Austin Interfaith is a non-partisan, multi-ethnic, multi-issue organization of Austin-area congregations, public schools, and unions who work together to address public issues that affect the well being of families and neighborhoods in our community. It is a broad-based citizens' organization committed to promoting justice and democratic values. It works to develop leaders and to provide opportunities for member institutions to negotiate effectively through the political process with local government and community leaders around issues of common concern. Austin Interfaith is strictly non-partisan.


New Life for Haiti logoNew Life for Haiti

New Life for Haiti is a grass roots partnership of people who want to make life better for people in the poorest country in our half of the world in sustainable ways. Journeyers have made several mission trips to Haiti through NLH.


photograph of 2 children in HPAK program

Hope Positive Africa

Located in Uganda, this is a residential community meeting the daily needs of women and children previously living on the street. Many of the women are fighting AIDS contracted from former spouses or from rape. Here they are nourished, given access to medical care, educated and taught skills that put them on the pathway to independence. The children are home-schooled or, when sponsors can be found, are sent to local boarding schools. Everyone pitches in to grow food, cook and encourage each other.



Strength Ministry Leaders

Strength Leaders:

Assistant Chairs: vacant

Chair: Steve Baniukiewicz

Assistant Shepherd: Alan Slivensky

Ministry Shepherd: Mac McKinley

Shepherd At-Large: Susan McKinnon



To learn more about all of Journey's ministry areas, take a look at the Journey Owner's Manual, a guide to everything you ever wanted to know about Journey but didn't know you wanted to ask. Sort of.