What is Journey's theology of money and giving?

Collection Basket
We believe that every person belongs to God, and that everything in the universe belongs to God. That doesn't mean God owns everything - that means that God is in everything. Our culture is very consumeristic, materialistic, and self-focused. We think that's very unhealthy; Jesus taught very clearly against it. The early Christians were committed to letting go of possessions and sharing everything, especially to care for the poor.

Giving money away makes people healthier. It unplugs them from the matrices of our culture - spending time and energy on acquiring more stuff, assigning personal value based on wealth and position, and believing that security comes from possessions or earnings. We believe that God gives people their true identity, as God's beloved. We believe that God will provide for every need. We believe that everything belongs to God, because ultimately this life is a journey and all people are on earth not to get, but to give away. We say give it away to those that need it - anywhere, not just to Journey. We are simply one of the places that can take people's money and redistribute it to those in need.

Journeyers give money to Journey in order to:

  • pay our staff so that they can devote their full time and energy to helping us all fulfill the vision of this faith community;
  • provide the space for Journey worship and group gatherings;
  • provide funds to our Strength team.

From our beginning, Journey has always given 10% of its income to our Strength team, which finds ways for all of us to give food, clothing, and shelter to those in need.

No pastor at Journey knows who gives what money. This enables our pastors to relate to us regardless of the way the world defines people. 
Journey does not tell you how much to give. In the Bible some guidelines say to give God 10% of our income, as a way to remind ourselves that nothing belongs to us, and to honor what is most important. But we don't insist on any amount.

Jesus said to give everything to God and to the Kingdom of God, and everything we need will be given to us. We don't take out loans. We don't base our activities on budgets. We choose to trust that when we are obedient to what God tells us to do and to be, God will provide whatever is needed. That works for us.

Other ways to Support Journey

Journey on Amazon Smile

Journey is listed with Amazon Smile. A percentage of the cost of eligible purchases will go to JIFC. Start your shopping on the Amazon Smile page to ensure your donations go to Journey. It all adds up!

Visit the Journey Amazon store at smile.amazon.com.

Journey Logo Store

This online store sells items with the Journey logo embroidered on them. Journey receives a portion of each sale.

Visit the Journey IFC store at companycasuals.com/journeyifc.

Giving by Text

Got a smart phone? You can support Journey by text. No more fumbling for cash or a blank check during offering time, or maybe you like to give by credit or debit card, but that's hard to do as the baskets go by. Well, it's easy to do now. Just follow the 3 simple steps:

1. Text "Journey" to 73256

2. Enter your donation amount and select a fund (general fund, operations, etc.)

3. Enter your payment info (just the first time) and click "Give"

To learn more, contact finance@journeyifc.com.

Support Journey via Automatic Bill Pay

Do you pay your bills using your bank's online Bill Pay service? Add Journey to your list! You can easily set up your bank's Bill Pay system to send your financial support to Journey without having to write a check. To learn more, contact finance@journeyifc.com.

Use Your Randall's Card

We have a Journey account at Randall’s! The next time you're grocery shopping, go to the customer service desk and link your Randall’s card to our account. Journey gets 1% of your total purchases at no extra cost to you. This includes pharmacy and prescription purchases, too! Our Randall’s account number is 12804.

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